Tim's Portfolio

Below you'll find samples of my work in video, web, and graphic design. Click on a box to view images, descriptions, links, and downloads related to each project.

Video Content

Videos and animations are gradually playing a larger role in online experiences as emerging technologies allow for smoother playback. Below are some examples of animated content I've created using a combination of programs from Photoshop and Flash to After Effects and QuickTime Pro. The demo reel, for example, contains much of my archived portfolio and can serve as a quick and dynamic way to see my older work.

Web Designs

The website examples listed below include my most recent work along with a couple of classic designs that I think have stood the test of time (which online is quite a feat). Regardless of complexity, budget, or desired design style, I always do my best to ensure an outstanding, polished, and easy-to-maintain site.

Graphic Designs

Below you'll find a wide array of graphic designs from printed material to branding and logo design. What separates good design from most design is thoughtfulness. Click on a project below to read my thoughts on the process and how I add meaning through the use of design elements.

Work with Tim

Click a button below to work with me or view samples of my work.

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