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Created for the National Center for Continuing Education (NCCE)

The NCCE Training Website ( was created for the National Center for Continuing Education (NCCE) in Tallahassee, FL. The website provides information on the 25 year old seminar company and allows visitors to research available seminars as well as register online.

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Tech Specs

The NCCE Training website is composed of over 70 pages and is coded in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in addition to utilizing a number of cloud services such as Google Docs. It contains printable short and long brochures in various formats as well as online registration and contact.

About the Project

The National Center for Continuing Education is a company founded in 1984 that offers professional training seminars. Some seminars qualify for certifications such as CLE (Continuing Legal Education) & CPE (Continuing Professional Education), while others give professionals an edge in their field. NCCE needed to update their website and brochures to keep up with ever-changing graphic standards and stiff competition.

The color scheme loosely follows a patriotic palette, reinforcing the national focus of the company and keeping true to the established dark red color of their existing branding. A soft, textured cream background emphasizes the professional, office centric focus of the available seminars. NCCE’s Training Division is broken up into three major departments, reflected here in the main menu items: in-house, public, and workforce training. A secondary menu at the bottom includes links to FAQs, career opportunities, testimonials, and more.

The seminar topics, which span both in-house and public venues, are quickly accessed through the quickbar at the top. Symbols representing each topic (such as the scales of justice for legal seminars) can be moused-over to reveal text describing the seminar topic. Dynamic elements such as the quickbar rollover effect and the highlighted content menu on the homepage create a sense of movement and keep the site from feeling stale.

The site contains contact forms that automatically email NCCE with information and online registration forms that use Google Docs so they can be viewed and edited by multiple NCCE employees assigned to that client simultaneously. Graphic and user-friendly touches such as transparent edges and a smooth scrolling back-to-top tab bring the site up to the level of professionalism the company embodies.

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