Breaker Breaker

Created for the Seattle band Breaker Breaker

This series of full-color, high-res posters was created to promote concerts for the Seattle, WA rock band Breaker Breaker.

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Tech Specs

Design elements were created as vector images in Adobe Illustrator and Flash, and composed in Photoshop at 600 pixels/inch resolution. The posters were printed in full color at various sizes on lightweight high gloss poster paper.

About the Project

Breaker Breaker is a Seattle indie-rock band under the Murder Mountain label. The band gets its name from a Chuck Norris film and their sound captures that same sense of ironic detachment. A mixture of smooth vocals and hard instrumental backup, this band will give you goose bumps.

The band needed a collection of poster designs to promote an upcoming concert series. I used bright colors, clean lines, and graphic images to capture interest from afar. The pieces of each design were created in vector format so I could recreate the final design at any size the band required without a loss of quality. The final eye-popping posters were placed all over Seattle’s neighborhoods, downtown, and famous Pike’s Place market.

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